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How do I order my patch?

Make your color selections for all of the elements of your custom chenille patch.  You will see the selected colors represented in the artwork of the patch.  When you get the colors of the patch just the way you like you will then be ready to fill out any other of the information on the order form.  Many patches have spaces available for you to add your own lettering.  We will work with you to get the lettering just the way you want it so if you can’t quite fit enough letters in the space provided then just let us know.  There is a comment box during the checkout process, and that is a great place to leave us any comments about your order that need to be addressed. The name itself will not update in the abover graphic but is more a clarifiacation on the colors that you have selected and the style of the lettering.

Item#: largeblocknamepatch
Starting price
$40.00 ea
Block Name PatchGallery of ExamplesDescription Color Chart
Font:  What Patch will Spell:
Chenille Color
Outline Color
Top Felt
Bottom Felt
Felt 3rd Color
No Yes
Subtotal of Item(s) including options: $40.00
Block Name Patch