Hall of Fame Letterman Jacket Package

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One of our team members will contact you to go over the package before anything is ordered or created to make sure you are getting exactly what you want. The Hall-of-Fame package is actually the easiest to ord

Item#: hall-of-fame-letterman-package
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$600.00 ea
Hall of Fame Letterman Jacket PackageHall of Fame Letterman Jacket PackageHall of Fame Letterman Jacket PackageGallery of ExamplesDescription Color Chart
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Hall of Fame Letterman Jacket PackageHall of Fame Letterman Jacket PackageHall of Fame Letterman Jacket PackageHall of Fame Letterman Jacket Package

Why should you order a package deal?

At CustomChenillePatches.com we understand that Letterman jackets and patches can be expensive. That is why we are now offering a package deal that includes everything you need to create a totally customized varsity Letterman jacket. The Hall-of-Fame Letterman Package comes with a customized leather sleeve Letterman jacket and any other patches you might need. This package is for customers who might want to create a custom jacket from their artwork or someone who needs a high number of patches with all add-ons included in one price.

How the quality of our jackets and chenille patches measure up to the competition.

CustomChenillePatches.com has done literally thousands of customized jackets and patches throughout or over 30 years of service. We use only the highest quality athletic and scrim felts for our chenille award patches and utilize the very best techniques to create each patch so that it is truly one of a kind. Many of our competitors use cheaper overseas manufactured materials and thinner chenille threads which might make them more money but definitely detracts from the final product in both ascetic quality as well as durability.

We ensure that your jacket will be truly outstanding

This is why you will get to speak to an actual person who will go over the entire order with you and make suggestions as to how you can make your varsity Letterman jacket from CustomChenillePatches.com the envy of every other person who sees it. You work hard to earn the right to purchase a varsity Letterman award jacket and we will work just as hard to give you something that you will be truly proud of and will stay looking amazing for the entirety of your life.