Camera Patch Ver. 2


Make your color selections for all of the elements of your custom chenille patch. You will see the selected colors represented in the artwork of the patch. When you get the colors of the patch just the way you want it you will then be ready to fill out any other of the information on the order form. Our experienced artist and digitizers will work to make the lettering look as appealing as possible before production. There is a comment box during the checkout process, and that is a great place to leave us any comments about your order that need to be addressed.

Helpful Tips

  • Chenille patches turn out best if you make each adjoining element a different color
  • Usually all patches are in your school or jacket colors. Not necessarily the color of a basketball
  • If you have concerns use the COMMENT BOX during the checkout process
  • Keep in mind that the dimensions shown on the artwork DOES NOT include the felt. You need to add about an inch or more if you add a 3rd layer
  • Colors on the graphic might not be exact color matches to the actual material. There is a color chart of material at the top right of the page.
Item#: cameraPatch2
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$25.00 ea
Camera Patch Ver. 2Camera Patch Ver. 2Gallery of ExamplesDescription Color Chart
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Felt 3rd Color
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Subtotal of Item(s) including options: $25.00
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Camera Patch Ver. 2Camera Patch Ver. 2
Current Production Time is 3-4 weeks

Elevate Your Sleeve: Chenille Camera Patch for Photography Enthusiasts

Unleash your love for photography with our exclusive Chenille Camera Patch. This sleeve-sized emblem celebrates your passion with a detailed camera icon, meticulously crafted in lush chenille texture. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a budding enthusiast, this patch is a must-have accessory. Attach it to your jacket or bag to showcase your creative spirit. Add a touch of artistry to your attire and let your sleeve tell the story of your photographic journey. Discover the perfect fusion of style and passion order yours today.