1st Team All District Basketball Patch


Make your color selections for all of the elements of your custom chenille patch. You will see the selected colors represented in the artwork of the patch. When you get the colors of the patch just the way you want it you will then be ready to fill out any other of the information on the order form. Our experienced artist and digitizers will work to make the lettering look as appealing as possible before production. There is a comment box during the checkout process, and that is a great place to leave us any comments about your order that need to be addressed.

Helpful Tips

  • Chenille patches turn out best if you make each connected element a different color
  • Usually all patches are in your school or jacket colors. Not necessarily the color of a basketball
  • If at all possible try to use the least amount of lettering you can as we will make the font larger to make it more legible
  • If you have concerns use the COMMENT BOX during the checkout process
  • Keep in mind that the dimensions shown on the artwork DOES NOT include the felt. You need to add about an inch or more if you add a 3rd layer
  • Colors on the graphic might not be exact color matches to the actual material. There is a color chart of material at the top right of the page.
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$40.00 ea
1st Team All District Basketball Patch1st Team All District Basketball PatchGallery of ExamplesDescription Color Chart
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Subtotal of Item(s) including options: $40.00
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1st Team All District Basketball Patch1st Team All District Basketball Patch
Current Production Time is 4-5 weeks

1st Team All-District Patch

This patch has 2 chenille fills. One in the center of the patch which the lettering and basketball icon is sewn on, and one outlining the shield shape. The chenille outline element has two embroidered outlines on each side of them giving this award many layers of possible colors. The sewn elements are on top of 2 layers of felt; a top layer, which is closest to the embroidered outline and a bottom layer which is what is sewn to the letter jacket.

The letttering at the top of the chenille patch design spells out "1st Team". This could be changed to "2nd Team" as well but there will not be a place to order that on this page. Rather instruct us in the "Comment Box" during the checkout process to replace the lettering. Below "1st Team" is a year date and a embroidered basketball icon. You have 5 spaces to write the year date so you could do it either as this year, 2022, for example or you could use the school year as 20 22. Even though there is 5 spaces there will always be 2 numbers to the left and right of the embroidered basketball icon. The color of the year date will match the color of the "1st Team". The basketball icon sits in the center of the 4 digits and you can select the color of the basketball to match the colors of your school.

Below the basketball and year date is the embroidered word "ALL-DISTRICT" which you can select the color for.

At the bottom of the patch there is 5 spaces of text that can be used for the district that the award was given. It is a small area so try to find a way to convey the district as is shown on the example. The graphic will NOT update any lettering on the graphic but we will make your patch according to the lettering that you enter and make it as appealing and artistic as possible. You can ask for proofs of your digitized patches in the comment section during the checkout process.